yellowstone outfitters

Elk hunting with rifle or bow on the border of Yellowstone Park for resident and migratory elk. Hunt from our main lodge and two permanent spike camps on over 20 square miles of private ground. In addition to great elk hunting, we have muley and whitetail deer and great fishing on our private lake.

Jim Hubbard was living in illinois in 1976 when he bought this ranch. He wanted to fulfill his dream of being a cattle rancher just like the ones he read about in his Louis L'amour novels. Jim was also an avid hunter, and realized the wonderful potential of the property for big game hunting.

As Jim came to realize that cattle ranching is not a business for getting rich, he started to take people hunting on his ranch. Because of the great hunting and Jim's knack for hospitality, the business continues to grow to this day.

Jim's son, Mike Hubbard, now runs most of the day to day activities of the hunting business and the cattle ranch, but Jim is still involved.

Jim's daughter, Nancy Hubbard-Schaefer, runs the fly fishing business ( in the summer and manages all the books for all the various enterprises.

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